Laboratori Artistici Nicoli Stage Offer
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This type of stage is primarily addressed to sculptors able to make their own sculpture training in autonomy.

Equipped space in the Nicoli Workshop € 250 per month.

Working hours Monday to Friday - 7.00 to 12.00 a.m. and 1.00 to 1.00 to 4.00 p.m.

The half day fee for the individual stage is € 120 per month. The above prices are intended tax included, but mind that this formula does not include accommodation, insurance, marble and tools. An insurance is mandatory in order to work and can be arranged at your arrival in our offices.


The collective stage allows to approaching the first elements of the techniques in the artistic workmanship of stone. The group composition ranges from 8 to 10 and each collective course requires a minimum of 8 participants. This stage is a real apprenticeship where you can realize your own project being followed and taught by a professional sculptor craftsman.

During the course, you can ask the professional craft man to teach you the pointing up system. The “cross-technique” will allow you to translate the shape of a model into marble. For this purpose, we recommend you to prepare your own model made of a hard matter such as plaster in order to fit the standard cm. 40 x 40 x 40 block included in this offer. Or you can rent one of the plasters from the Nicoli Collections; rental condition must be agreed separately with the Direction. Or else participants can present prior to stage confirmation a preliminary project through sketches, plaster maquette, Cad files or similar indicating the sizes required for the project and s/he will find the marble block cut and roughed out to exact size at his/her arrival. In this way, you can take advantage of the stage and have the best chance to realize your own creation during your stay. The extra cost of the marble will be calculated apart. If you prefer you can practice the direct carving techniques involving a certain degree of improvisation on the stone block, and avoid learning the pointing system.
  • Stone: white Carrara marble piece standard sizes cm 40 side, sane, not necessarily square or regular
  • Duration: 14 days with arrivals on Sunday and departures on Saturday.
  • Techniques to choose from: Manual or mechanical.
  • Sculpture course: Workshop of sculpture practice of 8 hours a day in the working days from Monday to Friday.
    The teacher is present in the morning hours from 7 to 12. From 13.00 to 16.00 - sculpture practice.
    The group works on the projects in autonomy. Drawing: 2 drawing sessions of 2 hours each.
  • Quarry tour: 1 excursion with 4-wheel car to the quarries of Carrara.

    Not included:
    1 day excursions to Pisa, Lucca or Florence or similar with accompanying person from the Staff, according to requests. All expenses are extra.
  • Transport: You can send your work home. Ask the direction a price estimate for the costs of packing and transport.
  • Private lessons: Those who wish to carry on the work under the direct supervision of the teacher can take agreements with the Direction in order to take private lessons in the afternoon working hours.
  • Loan: The loan of a plaster from the Nicoli Collections must be agreed separately with the Direction.
Weekly plan
  • Sunday: Arrival directly to the hosting structure
  • Monday: at 7 AM, go directly to the Laboratorio Nicoli to begin your Workshop. From 8 Am on Registration at Offices Laboratori Nicoli
  • Monday to friday: Sculpture Workshop 7.00 - 12.00 and 1 - 4 PM.
    Lunch pause 12 to 1 PM.
  • Friday: Day trip upon request
  • Friday: Drawing form living model in pose h 9 – 11 PM.
  • Saturday & sunday: free
  • Saturday: Departure from the hosting structure. Check out before 11 o’clock.
Summer 2015 Collective courses Program
  • June: Arrival Sunday 14/6, departure Saturday 27/6
  • July: Arrival Sunday 5/7, departure Saturday 18/7
  • August: Arrival Sunday 28/7, departure Saturday 8/8
  • September: Arrival Sunday 30 /8, departure Saturday 12/9

We advice you to book well in advance your workshop. The area of the cost is quite touristic and you risk finding no more availability left on your selected period.

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The fees for the Collective Stage of 14 days duration include:
  • Standard marble piece by cm 40x40x40 not necessarily square
  • Hand working tools
  • 10 working days by 8 full hours with presence of the teacher in the morning hours from 7 to 12.
  • Those who wish to rely on the teacher for longer can reserve at the Direction private lessons in the afternoon, working hours between 1 to 4 PM at the cost of € 40 pro hour. 
  • 2 sessions of drawing from living model in pose.
  • 1 excursion to the quarries with 4wheels car and driver + equipment.
  • Personal insurance against all risks during work.
  • Taxes

  • Accommodation
  • 1 day Excursion to Firenze/Lucca/Pisa similar with extra charges

Fees for the collective stage

  • € 1.220 mixed manual and mechanical workmanship included


The Laboratori Aristici Nicoli has taken special agreements for its customers with the following hotels and bed and breakfast suggested, all located at walking distances:

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