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If you send the form, the reservation process has not yet been completed, as your request must be processed by the Direction. Your reservation will be accepted according to the available places left or else you will be proposed an alternative period. To complete the reservation properly you need to wire transfer a 30% of the total price. Thank you. 
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Rules of Reservation and Payment  
We receive reservations via Internet, made personally or by phone (in case of phone reservations your request must be confirmed via email or at the fax number + 39 0585.73183. The reservation process will become effective if prior to 7 days after the receipt of the form fully filled, we will receive a first account of 30% of the entire fee to the following bank coordinates:

Laboratori Artistici Nicoli s.r.l. at Unicredit Banca di Roma agency of Carrara
IBAN: IT 69 M 02008 24502 000041381264

To cancel your reservation you need to communicate your intention via email, fax, personally or via phone prior to the deadlines indicated below:
  • If you communicate the renounce at least 60 days prior to the first Sunday of your Stage, you will get back entirely your account safe for the administrative expenses of € 25,00.
  • If you communicate your renounce before 60 days and after a maximum time limit of 30 days prior to the first Sunday, you will loose your account in full.
  • In case you cancel or modify the reservation until 30 days prior to the begin of the stage you will have to pay the entire fee.

The full payment on balance must be made at the direction during the registration phase on the first day of arrival. Credit cards are not accepted.

Rules of the Workshop  
Personal insurance against all risks during work: Those who take sculpture courses at the Laboratori Nicoli must have a personal insurance against all risks during work. The Direction provides making the insurance for those who follow the collective stage during the reservation process. Individual stagists will be required by the direction to show their own personal insurance during the registration. In case you don’t have one, you will be turned to our insurance company, which applies 100 € yearly fee.

Working tools
: Individual stagists staying for long periods should have their own working tools and a very well locked toolbox. The direction cannot be responsible for any loss or damage happens to your own tools or to your belongings. The use of the flexible machine must be approved by the direction and in any case it cannot last for more than 20 minutes continuously.

Care of the working spaces: It is necessary to maintain always clean your working place, to set your working tolls safe and well in order before the lunch pause, and picking up marble chips, dust and all sort of dirties you may have done, using brooms and waste baskets available in the workshops.

Working time: MON to FRI 7-12 e 13 - 16. From 12 to 1 pm: Lunch pause.
If you wish to use the studio for longer or out of the normal working time, you need to take special agreements with the direction (min. 2 people). For security reasons the stay in the workshops is allowed only at the presence and during the regular working time of our staff.
Acceptance of the rules  *  I have read and accepted the Rules of Reservation and Payment and the Rules of the Workshop.
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