Laboratori Artistici Nicoli Unesco
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Historical place herald of culture of peace

Extract of "Notiziario della federazione dei Club Unesco" - (News from the Federation of Clubs Unesco)
(year XX n.1-2, August 2000).

From Unesco's web site.

The ceremony.


"During the 21st Assembly of the Italian Unesco Clubs and Centers, Alberobello, 2000, Professor Mrs Maria Grazia Passani, President of the Unesco Club in Carrara, asked to appoint the "Studio di Scultura Nicoli" in Carrara as a messenger of a peace."

"Since 1863 Nicoli Studios has known the main international sculptors, it has been witness of different trends and of the great desire of carving and of beauty."

"The assembly UNANIMOUSLY approved the motion of the President of the Club Unesco in Carrara"

Still today, in spite of the recent international events, sculptors from any corner of the world (from America to the Far East) come and work at the Nicoli Studios. They help each others so much and they are close friends too. Consequently, we hope to be always witness of this peace-based culture.



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